These are some black & white photos
which I took wandering on the
Scanno's alleys in 1994 with a
medium size camera (6x6).
These pictures originate from photos
printed on fibre base paper in size of
27x27 cm.

and about me... I was born 41 years ago in Vicenza (Italy).
I'm an electronic technician who
lives in Conegliano.
As you can see I'm interested in

My favourite photographers:

Henri Cartier Bresson
Ferdinando Scianna
Werner Bischof

your impressions... What do you think about ?
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the great ones who photographed Scanno... Henri Cartier Bresson 1952
Mario Giacomelli 1957
Gianni Berengo Gardin 1986


don't miss this book!
Giovanni Bucci
Black & White photographs, 1996



Un paese di nome Scanno
Il borgo di Montefino

Davide Gazzotti
The Orange World

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